Leeds Corn Exchange

Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7BR

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Leeds Corn Exchange is a Grade 1* listed building and shopping centre based in the heart of Kirkgate, Leeds. Designed by revered British architect Cuthbert Broderick, the Corn Exchange opened its doors to corn traders in 1864.

Today, it is the home of independent retail and food traders in a burgeoning creative neighbourhood. A family fuelled by independence. Not just shopkeepers, but creatives, collectors, cooks and craftspeople. Home to a collection of vendors who do things their own way, and a community of customers who prefer the personal touch.

Leeds Corn Exchange is a Leeds landmark. A beacon of creativity shining against the mainstream. A historic centre of commerce, reimagined for a new century. Generation upon generation of memories. Shopping bags full of stories. Eccentricity ingrained into the Victorian stonework.