The Explorer’s Road offers a wealth of discoveries along the route from London to Edinburgh. We love the travel trade and are keen to engage with tour operators and wholesalers nationally and internationally to package and distribute the fantastic tourism product that is The Explorer’s Road.

To help you create the perfect touring itineraries for your clients we have developed the following pages and information. You can find a full trade directory of our partner attractions, tour providers and accommodations here. You can also download our brand toolkit, trade guide and map* when developing your program for your clients.

Should you wish to become an official partner of The Explorer’s Road, you will be listed on our official tour operators list and we will add a link to your included bookable touring programs. Feel free to browse, plan and put together your individual programs. If you have any questions or would like to become one of our official tour operator partners, please get in touch with Alex Jacobs, Head of Travel Trade, who will be happy to assist.

*Please note that in order for operators to use the logo & official wording in any travel programs, The Explorer’s Road must approve these prior to any listings/programs going live.