Dilston Physic Garden

Dilston, Corbridge NE45 5QZ

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Discover the power of plants. Wander up a country lane in a panoramic stretch of Northumberland to find Dilston Physic Garden.

A unique garden on the banks of a winding river, brimming with over 700 medicinal plants. Plants used by humans throughout history, and now with modern science to show what remarkable actions they have for our health and for medicine. Find also a garden of wellbeing, a tranquil space to calm the mind. Dilston Physic Garden is a dedicated enterprise exploring and educating on the science of plants for health and medicine.

Grounded in the science of how each plant works, throughout the physic garden information signboards. These show the modern plant medicine use, the science and bioactive ingredients, as well as the history and folklore. This physic garden features plants that are good for the mind, with special collections of science-backed plants to boost memory, mood, sleep and more.