Hertford, Hitchin & St Albans

With rolling hills and wide green spaces leading to charming towns and cities and historic country houses Hertfordshire covers everything you’d want from an English escape.

Hertfordshire, or Herts as it colloquially known, borders the north of London and is just 20 minutes by train from the capital. The county is hidden gem of rolling green countryside, Royal palaces and modern-day cultural icons. For the epitome of Hertfordshire, take a trip to the county town of Hertford where quaint riverside properties, a compact town centre and plenty of history go hand in hand with a beautiful castle and vibrant centre with farmers markets on the regular. Just north of Hertford is Hitchin, with its timber clad properties and picturesque spots ideal for those looking for a truly English experience. Although its not just the sights, the towns restaurants, independent shops and museums make it an all-rounder.

If you have a little more time, the city of St Albans is one for the history buffs. From once being a Roman city to the Cathedral having the longest nave in England and conceivably the oldest pub in England, it’s one you’ll remember!
Outside of the towns, there are plenty of country houses such as Knebworth House and Hatfield House, both known for their dramatic appearances in Hollywood films and popular music videos, and St Paul’s Walden Bury which has connections to Queen Elizabeth II, keeping Hertfordshire popular across the globe.

If you prefer the sights to sounds however, natural wonders are plentiful in the county – with Ashridge Estate sprawling across north eastern Herts and having 5000 acres of hills, woodland and open grassland to wander and get lost in.