Doddington Hall and Gardens

Doddington, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN6 4RU

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Explore the fine late Elizabethan Mansion with stunning gardens, Doddington Hall, located just outside the historic Lincoln city centre.

A visit to Doddington offers a unique insight into family life through the ages and the challenges of looking after such an estate in the 21st century. With a Farm Shop, Café, and Accommodation available on site, and a cycle shop and coffee shop within the estate.

The Hall

One of England’s foremost Elizabethan Architects, Robert Smythson, begun Doddington Hall in 1595. The Hall was completed in 1600 and has never been sold or cleared out since. Doddington is still a lived-in and much-loved family home, alive with history and interest.

Over 400 years of unbroken family occupation has resulted in fascinating collections of furniture, weaponry, paintings, ceramics, textiles, household objects, porcelain, and a wealth of amusing stories, all to be found in and around Doddington Hall.

The Gardens

For many, the gardens at Doddington are just as spectacular as the Hall itself. Remaining faithful to the original Elizabethan layout, mellow walls provide the formal East Front and West Gardens framework. Beyond the West Garden begins the lovingly restored Wild Gardens.

Over the generations, most recently by Antony and Victoria Jarvis and Claire and James Birch, the gardens at Doddington have been restored, cared for, nurtured and developed to their fullest potential.

Dogs are welcome on Doddington’s free estate walks, in the Country Clothing and Home stores, and inside the Coffee Shop in the Giant Lincoln store.