Berwick Upon Tweed

A Coastal Town Like No Other.

Sitting on the border of England and Scotland​, Berwick-upon-Tweed has a history of conflict, being passed between England and Scotland thirteen times. Its stunning natural scenery, interwoven with a beautiful built environment​, create​s a town of unexpected sights and unexplored places. Berwick’s skyline is dominated by three iconic bridges which span the River Tweed, including the magnificent Royal Border Bridge.

Step back in time and discover Berwick’s fascinating history starting with the Elizabethan t​own walls, built in 1558 to keep out the marauding Scots, they are the only example of bastioned town walls in Britain. Discover graffiti from 18th century cellmates in Berwick Town Hall and learn about a soldier’s life at Berwick Barracks. For nature lovers​, a trip with Berwick Boat Trips is a must​. Sail beneath the magnificent Royal Border Bridge and into the mouth of the river for some seal and dolphin spotting.

Artist L.S. Lowry regularly took holidays in Berwick and the town featured regularly in many of his paintings. Follow the Berwick Lowry Trail to visit the sites of many of his paintings. Standing on a hillside in the centre of Berwick is The Maltings, England’s most northerly theatre which hosts over 500 live events each year.

Enjoy a stroll along Berwick’s sandy beach which has a lighthouse at the end overlooking the beach or head to Spittal Beach just two miles away where you might be lucky enough to spot seals and dolphin..